Apr 17, 2014

I Made This!

Inspired by Jamie, I took the Lisa congdon's Basic Line Drawing class on Creativebug last week. And I can just draw the lines, the circles all day long… It really breaks my fear for drawing and yay! I made these this week!

Dec 6, 2013


It's time for ...

"Slowing down definitely helps. If you think of each thing you are going to do as a small step rather than a task and then acknowledge what you have accomplished, it might help."

“Stop. Breathe.  Allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing for a moment, or an hour, or even a day.  It is in emptiness that inspiration will appear.”  

Nov 20, 2013

Elemental Nourishment

Earth: Earth is the physical, material realm.

Draw on the nourishing powers of Earth by attending to your body, your home and your core sustenance needs.

If you need more Earth energy, tend to the physical details. Declutter your home. Eat nutrition-rich food. Start a savings account. Adorn yourself beautifully. Feed your senses. Tune into the season. Plant some veggies. Move your body. Rest.

Water: Water is the emotional, relational realm.

Discover the nourishment of Water by tending to your relationships and your emotional life.

To enhance Water energy, pay attention to your feelings. Expand your emotional awareness through practices like journaling. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Tend to your relationships, both with yourself and with others. Let your heart speak. Express love.

Air: Air is the mental, intellectual realm.

Look to Air for nourishing your mind and your capacity for vision.

Read books that inspire you. Engage in fascinating conversations. Learn something new. Enjoy the world of ideas and contribute your own. Set intentions. Cultivate focus and decisiveness. Allow your mind to rest with solitary time and meditation.

Fire: Fire is realm of action and energy.

To draw on the nourishment of Fire, let your passion inspire you to action.

Tend to your energy. Pay attention to what lights you up and what shuts you down. Following the energy is a fire practice. Step into your personal power. Say yes. Let yourself play and laugh and dance outside the box. Flirt. Be daring. Shine.

Spirit: This is the unseen realm, the spiritual realm.

The nourishment of Spirit is found both in the deeply personal and the transpersonal.

Come to know, appreciate and express the unique spirit that is you. Find your voice. Share your gifts. Discover and follow your path. Cultivate compassion for others. Open to the connectedness of all things. Allow for mystery.

Oct 17, 2013

Simple Secret

"There is a very simple secret to being happy. Just let go of your demand on this moment. Any time you have a demand on the moment to give you something or remove something, there is suffering. Your demands keep you chained to the dream state of conditioned mind. The problem is that when there is a demand, you completely miss what is now. Letting go applies to the highest sacred demand, and even to the demand for love. If you demand in some subtle way to be loved, even if you get love, it is never enough. In the next moment, the demand reasserts itself, and you need to be loved again. But as soon as you let go, there is knowing in that instant that there is love here already. The mind is afraid to let go of its demand because the mind thinks that if it lets go, it is not going to get what it wants - as if demanding works. This is not the way things work. Stop chasing peace and stop chasing love, and your heart becomes full. Stop trying to be a better person, and you are a better person. Stop trying to forgive, and forgiveness happens. Stop and be still."